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Monthly Maintenance Plans

AAWS has monthly maintenance plans that are suited to fit all your needs.  We will be happy to schedule monthly service for your water treatment system.

Well Water Well Water City Water
Monthly Service Tier 1 w/Chlorine Pump Tier 2 Without Tier 1 Tier 2
Check Softener Operation x x x
Check Softener Drain for Free Flow x x x
Check and Adjust Time Clock x x x
Check Operation of Timer Motor x x x
Check Power Cord x x x
Check Float Valve in Brine (Salt) Tank x x x
Check and Keep Brine (Salt) Tank Clean x x x
Up to Two 60lb. Bags of Softener Salt x x x
Add Chlorine for Pump Injection x
Quarterly Citric Acid Softener Flush x x x
Iron Out Added to Salt; If Needed x x x
Clean Aerator & Spray Nozzles If Necessary x x
Check Pressure Switches x x
Check Pressure Tanks x x
Check Re-Pressurization Pump x x
10% Discount on Repairs and Replacements x x x
Monthly Plan Cost Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price

We Gladly Accept The Following Payment Methods: